How To Take Care Of Plants At Home

Plants look beautiful but taking care of them at home becomes, sometimes, a big problem.

Many people have issues that their plants died within a week. I also have a lot of plants at home. My plants usually died within a month and I was seriously looking for some help to improve my gardening skills.

If you have plants at home and, you are worried because, you don't know how to take care of plants at home then these simple and effective tips will help you take good care of plants at home.

Get To Know Your Plants

Do you know your plants?

The biggest mistake many people do is they buy such plants they don't know a bit. If you want to make your plants grow faster and stay good then you must get to know your plant.

The right way to do this is, ask about them at the place from where you buy them. They know all specific things about that plant.

You should always ask the gardener or nursery man that what kind of atmosphere is required by this particular plant to grow? Is it an indoor or a outdoor plant? How many times a day you need to water this plant? What is the right time to add fertile soil? and other related questions.

Water Your Plants Properly

Watering your plant properly is very important. Too much or too less watering is harmful for plants. Some plants absorb less water while some need excess amount of water to stay alive.

There are two ways to know when your plants need water.

First is to ask nursery from where you bought this plant. Another way is to buy moisture sensor meter that measures the moisture content of soil and indicate when it is time to water your plants.

It is very easy to use and super cheap.

Maintain Right Humidity Level For Plants

Plants depend upon humidity in atmosphere for their growth. Many plants need higher humidity level as compare to the one available in a home.

Especially in winter, when you use furnace to keep room warm. This type of dry atmosphere may be OK for you but your home plants need moisture in air.

You don't have to increase whole house humidity level, do it at a place where you keep your plants. For this purpose small room humidifier will be fine. Just place it near your plants.

I personally like to use Bonsai Boy's humidi-grow tray. All I have to do is to place my plants, with drain holes, on it. The overflow of water is passed through the pot and collect in tray. the tray evaporate the water to settle the moisture loss.

In extremely dry weather you should use small room humidifier and bonsai boy's humidi-grow tray together to maintain perfect humidity level for plants.

Essential Tools To Take Care Of Plants At Home

I hope with above gardening tips and tool, you will take better care of your plants.

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