ATTENTION! Hollywood Hotties Revealing Their Secret Diet-Plan for Staying SLIM & SEXY

Have you ever wonder how Hollywood celebrities always look fabulous.

Whether they are appearing on television or films or strutting down the red carpet during movie premiers and awards, they fascinate everyone with their charisma.

It might feel that they are blessed with all this charm and beauty naturally but the fact is they work too hard to look the way they are.

Besides clothes, hair and the make-up, celebrities have to take care of their bodies as well.

When it comes to stay fit, these stars have their own diet secrets. Their health agenda can range from extreme workouts to well-planned meals.

Here are the secret diet plans followed by Two Gorgeous Woman Hollywood Celebrities.

Angelina Jolie’s Secret Diet Plan To Stay Slim

A secret every woman love to know   

The queen of hearts follows a “stone age diet” to stay thin.

She is admitted that she is fond of sea foods such as mussels, crabs, prawns, tuna and more. This Hollywood diva avoids sweets, food based on wheat and red meat.

Her major emphasis is on raw salads, fruits and soy milk. Steamed meat and vegetables are also included in her diet plan.

A report says that Angelina used “Garlic Tea” to lose some extra pounds after her pregnancy.

Angelina’s another less known diet secret is that she never eats less to lose weight. Her motto is to eat healthy for having perfect shape and stunning looks.

Her weight loss plan is the perfect combo of healthy diet and proper workout to lose those extra unwanted pounds.
Jessica Alba’s Diet Secrets To Stay Slim

 Jessica Alba is one of the most slim and sexy babes of Hollywood. She is the role model for women who really want to stay in shape.

Some sources informed that Jessica is on healthy diet since the age of 12.

Jessica Alba’s typical daily diet plan is quite healthy and nutritious.

According to Jessica, she eats low calories and high protein breakfast like egg white omelet and fresh fruits (especially peace) or cottage cheese that provides her energy to carry on her day chores as well as provide her vitamins and antioxidants necessary for healthy glowing skin.

She takes low calories salad for lunch. She completely avoids heavy salad toppings like mayonnaise.

She usually ends her day having white meat (fish or chicken) and vegetables in dinner and fruit or frozen yogurt as a healthy dessert.

Like Angelina, Jessica also followed a healthy diet along with daily 1 hour workout on a treadmill to maintain her fit body.

What Makes Celeb’s Diet Plan More Effective?

Hollywood celebs never solely depend on diet to maintain their fit bodies. They have their personal workout trainers who plan special workouts to lean out specific muscles and shed extra pounds.

Obviously you can’t get access to those personal trainers but you can learn secret workout sessions they plan for their celeb clients.

Well! you might be thinking how could you know celeb’s secret workout plans?


Recently I found an excellent book by Alyssa Shaffer, fitness director of Fitness Magazine, where she is sharing interviews of top celebrity trainers revealing all specific workout secrets of their celebrity clients.

For Example: Mike Alexander (Jessica Simpson's trainer) sharing useful exercises for abs used by his celeb client.

The book itself called THE A-LIST WORKOUT and is probably the best book on Hollywood celebs workout secrets.

You’ll find lots of successful workouts of celebs. All exercises are explained thoroughly by expert trainers and are followed by black and white photos for better understanding.

Take Away:

Healthy diet plan followed by effective workouts surely bring remarkable changes and help you to get in perfect shape faster. All you need is to follow suitable diet-plan and workout till you get desired results and even after that to maintain good physic.

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