Four Simple Practices To Build S.E.L.F Confidence

What came in to your mind when you heard the word CONFIDENCE.

Probably a bold and attractive person who has courage to take his own decisions. Who has guts to follow his will. A person everyone admire and want to be like.

Confident personality always gets warm welcome everywhere.

Keeping those things in mind I wrote an article about building self confidence in four simple steps.

(I really love things to be easier :-) )

Here I am using acronym S.E.L.F where each letter denotes a simple practice you can do to build a confident  and attractive personality everyone love.

STOP­ Being Shy

Simple and most important practice to boost your self confidence is to get out of your shy zone. Shy women are generally not found it easier to meet new people. They can’t get along with strangers.

Shyness is considered as key sign of lack of confidence. In order to have an attractive and confident personality you must get out of your shyness zone.

A simple exercise to become confident is to do one thing each day that you normally feel shy to do - start a conversation with a stranger, or overcome a fear of yours.

As a matter of fact many of attractive women are those who can easily get along with strangers. Men find those girls attractive who can easily mix up with their circle.

ELIMINATE All Negativities

Almost everyone have heard the hit single 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' by Bobby McFerrin. The song has a very catchy way of conveying its message of being happy to everyone.

Everyone one of us face disappointments and struggles, but a confident person see the positive in every situation.

To achieve fully confident personality you need to learn how to handle negative situations. Once you eliminate all negativities out of your life your confidence will bloom.

This step can be challenging, but focus on it and you will master it!

LEARN To Smile

“Lots of Smiles a day can keeps a doctor away"

It’s free
It always works
Add 100’s of stars to your confidence

Cute and warm smile will not only make your day shine but can also make other’s day special. Be grateful to what you have in life and learn to smile.


It’s free
It always works
Add 100’s of stars to your confidence

FULFILL Your Dreams

Do you know that all mind sciences experts are agreed on the fact that making goals and achieve them make a person confident and attract good things in life.

The mechanism work behind is that every success you get in your life fills you with extreme level of positive energy that attract more success in life thats why since childhood we always advised to divide long term goals into several short term goals.

Make goals for your life and accomplished them. Feeling of success and achievement fills you with confidence.

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